City Skates       Skating in Philadelphia      

Regular Skates
April through October

Every Sunday 10:00 am Bottom of Art Museum Steps Intermediate Skate

Every Tuesday 7:00 pm Top of Art Museum Steps Advanced Skate

Philly Free Skate 2013


When do you skate?

We skate every Tuesday night and Sunday morning, April through October. Sundays 10 am, bottom of the art museum stairs. Intermediate skate. Tuesdays 7 pm, top of the art museum stairs. Advanced skate.

Any exceptions to this?

Infrequently, Sunday skates might be moved or canceled for a major event at the art museum. Like a 4th of July celebration or the larger benefit walks. Check our page for updates.

Where do you meet up?

We group up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On Tuesdays we meet up at the top of the stairs (the ‘Rocky steps’). On Sundays we meet at the bottom of the Art Museum stairs – because the museum is open and there are too many people up top. You can’t miss us. If you show up early, just hang out and warm up, people *will* show up!

Is there parking nearby?

Yes. On Sunday mornings you can park near the art museum on Pennsylvania Ave. and on surrounding blocks for free. Check parking signs to make sure! Also, 12 hour meters along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway are only 50 cents/hour.

On Tuesday nights there is free parking at the top of the art museum.

Where and how far do you skate?

We skate the city streets of Philadelphia alongside regular traffic. Almost anywhere in the city is game for use to skate, including paths, parks, local campuses, Delaware Ave, South Philadelphia, and occasionally even to the Stadiums.

Sunday skates are generally 10-12 miles. Tuesday night skates can range from 11 – 17 miles and take place at night, including streets and alleys with low light and low visibility. These are advanced level skates.

Do you do anything in addition to Sunday and Tuesday?

Yes! We regularly add other skating events to mix things up and check out new places and even different cities.

The last Saturday of every month is a Saturday Night Skate, roughly in-between the level of a Sunday and Tuesday night skate.

Beginner level ‘Rec-Rolls’ are run on the last Sunday of the month. These are shorter and easier skates to get you ready for a regular City Skate.

We’ll also sometimes skate in Doylestown, Media, Norristown and Wilmington, usually followed by a pool party/cookout or gathering on a patio bar. Occasionally we’ll take bus trips to Washington DC or New York City to skate with the clubs up there.

Something called ‘Clue Skates’ have been popping up lately and are fun skates mixed with challenging clues and puzzles and run as a contest. Plus many other things throughout the season. Check our calendar for upcoming events, and sign up to get notices when new events are added.

You skate in the streets!? Is that safe?

Yes and yes. Our group ranges from 15 – 50 skaters and we often take up a lane. Traffic generally isn’t very fast or dense. Skaters ‘post’ corners to warn about oncoming vehicles, and we generally all watch out for each other. We also skate very carefully around cars and observe traffic lights. Surprisingly, most cars don’t mind us, and some drivers even honk and wave in encouragement.

Historically (over the last 15 years!) we’ve been extremely safe and had very few incidents with traffic/cars. Occasionally, accidents do happen, but rarely do they involve motor vehicles.

How good a skater do I need to be?

We generally skate 10 – 15 miles, depending on the day. So you must be able to skate for about two hours (including regular stops). You must be able to stop reliably, safely and sometime quickly. You must be able to skate in a group of people and keep aware of your surroundings.

You must be able to go up and down curbs, skate on possibly uneven terrain (streets w/ cracks, sidewalks, etc) and go up and down hilly streets.

Some of this is not as hard as it sounds, and we try to support new skaters of varying skill levels. But be advised that if you cannot keep up or are of too low a skill level to participate, we may have to ask you to turn back (we’ll try to do this in the first mile or two, and will never abandon anyone in the city).

I’m not a great skater, got anything for me?

The last Sunday of every month (and occasionally more often) we run ‘Rec Rolls’, which are a shorter and easier version of our Sunday Skate so you can check your ability, see what we’re about, and help you ramp up to being able to do our regular City Skates.

What do I need to bring to a skate?

At a minimum: Skates, a helmet and wrist guards. Knee and elbow pads never hurt anyone either. Something to drink is also important, and we generally stop halfway through a skate to rehydrate. Some money, your ID and health insurance card are always good to have on you just in case. And your cell phone can come in handy too. For night skates: a light up ‘blinky’ or other reflective safety gear is advised. Additionally, some people have lights on their helmet or carry flashlights to help on darker streets.

Music players and headphones are discouraged because they can keep you from hearing traffic and other skaters calling out hazards. This may sound like a lot of stuff, but you can take or leave whatever you feel comfortable with.

Is there a fee to join the club?

No. Anyone can show up at any time and participate in club activities. Some activities like bus trips have a cost associated with them, but that is to cover the cost of running the event.

Landskaters used to have fee-based membership, but we have moved away from that in recent years. While it may be reinstated in the future, there will never be a charge to skate!